House Rules( in addition to those listed in the lease)

One. Save energy.

 Cooking—light cooking for yourself. No use of in stove oven for baking. Use the small on desk oven for heating bread and for baking small cakes
While it is possible, keep one light on at one time. Do not leave light, TV and radio on when leaving the house for more than 30 minutes.
I do not use house heater in winter. It is noisy and wasteful.
Two. Save water.
Limit shower time. Do not take bubble bath. Use basin or other container to catch grey water when doing so does not hinder taking shower. Use grey water for toilet flushing. It is not necessary to flush toilet after just one urinating, especially during night. Flush it in the morning and use the caffee can that is enough for small flushing.
Keep used water from the kitchen sink in a bucket for watering plants.
Do not let water running when brushing teeth.
Do not rinse dishes with excesive water.
Three. Protection of the house
Keep all the floor space dry, even in the bathroom and the kitchen. Wipe any water spill immediately after using the area. When mopping the floor, rid the mop with excessive water and do not let water dripping.
Do not use abrasive material against the floor. Clean the floor of any nails and sharp, hard stuff that may give scratches to the floor. Do not drag furniture over the floor. Use some soft material under the furniture, such as rug or used carpet.
Turn off stove, oven, microwave and water faucets before leaving the house.
Do not apply fire outside on the dry grass. Be very watchful when doing BBQ.
Be careful with widow opening and closing.
Four. Security
Lock windows and the house door when leaving the house for errands and work.  You may install a key entry lock to your bedroom and take it with you when you terminate rental lease. Secure your valuables, including computer and data storage devices, from theft in case there should be a house burglary.
Five. Dress code and others
Do not go upper body naked in the kitchen and the sitting room even though you are a man. Wear a T shirt at least. Use different shoes inside and outside.
No smoking inside the house.

1. Hygiene

A. Keep all surfaces outside the bathtub and toilet DRY. Check after using shower and basin. Clean off any water using mop or rag  in the bathroom.

B. Keep bath tub, wall and basin clean and free of dirt and grease residue after each use.

C. Hang wet and dripping towel over the bath tub first to prevent water dripping to the floor.

D. For any cleaning, tenant should use own detergent (can be purchased from Dollar Tree).

2. Water Conservation

A. Catch clean cold water in bucket for laundry.

B. Catch grey water from shower or basin for flushing toilet.

C. Shower procedure: wet body (3 minutes), apply soap and shampoo and rub body, with SHOWER TURNED OFF (no time limit), rinse body (3-5 minutes).

3. Toilet Flushing

A.  Fill toilet tank with grey water up to water line (no exceeding). Flush toilet from tank. Refill tank with grey water for next use. Always flush from toilet tank when there is water there. Do not let grey water stay in tank long because grey water will stink after certain time. When filling the tank, be careful not to spill.

B. When there is no water in the tank and there is absolute need to flush toilet, use harvested rain water.

C. Flush poop only from tank. Do not flush by pouring a bucket of water  into the toilet, since it will cause splashing and spilling.

D. Do not flush toilet during the night between 11pm and 6:30 am. It is noisy.


Your room, kitchen and sitting room. Do not occupy sitting room and kitchen. Do not store permenant stuff in the sitting room and the kitchen. One car and one bike are allowed on property. Do not use property as junk yard.

I, ___________, understand and will observe the above rules.

________________(signature and date)

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